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Basic Roofing Knowledge

The Different Roofing Types That a Reliable Roofing Company Will Suggest


Even if it is very easy to gather information on most things, smart homeowners would still employ their trusted local roofing contractor. These people who would do this understand that only experts can keep the harmonious balance between them and their roof. Although it is good to entrust the entire project to them, it is still wise to learn more about the different types of roof. Here are a few popular roofing types:


  1. Butterfly Roof – If you are looking for a roofing type that is akin to an eco-friendly lifestyle, then a reliable roofing company would suggest this. You can install solar panels on the wings of your roof. Such feature is not the only thing makes this design eco-friendly, the section where the two wings meet would allow you to collect rainwater. Other than that, this roofing type would allow a lot of natural light. So you get to enjoy the warmth and the light of the sun in this roofing type.

  2. Dome Roof – This roofing type is an excellent choice for gazebos and crow’s nest. It will give these structures a different visual appeal. Your reliable local roofing contractor would warn you that such roof is a tad expensive because of the complexity of its design.

  3. Hip Roof – This is the roofing type that your roofing company would suggest if you are looking for a sturdier alternative to the gable roof. The slope of this roof would allow water and snow to easily slide off. Not to mention, that you would be able to get additional living space by transforming the space that falls immediately underneath it into an attic or a garret.


If you have questions or want other alternatives, you should just ask help from Flower Mound Horizon Quality Roofing Inc. We can create wonderful roofs for you and care for them as we have done for the other residents in Flower Mound, TX. So if you are looking for a reliable roofing company, call us now at (972) 204-5871!

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