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Beware of These Common Roofing Frauds

How to Avoid Hiring an Unprofessional Roof Repair Contractor

Unfortunately, the roofing industry is full of contractors who call themselves professionals but they provide poor workmanship. When it comes to your impeccable repairs and installations, you should not make any compromises but hire the best and reputable company in your neighborhood. This article will outline the main and most common frauds:

  • Mysteriously disappeared down payment. So, you have welcomed a team with trained roofers and after a brief inspection, they want you to pay too much money in advance. Red flag. And there is no written contract? No warranties or anything? Do not fall for their typical lies and deception and do not agree to pay too much down payment. Basically, 10 % of your total project cost is a normal amount to pay first off. Furthermore, do not hire a roofer who accepts only cash. A diligent and dependable roof repair contractor will never force you to pay in cash, he will offer you other options too.

  • Suspicious door-to-door sales. Some roofing fraudsters have the habit of showing up when you least expect them. They knock on your door offering you a roof inspection since they are in your area. You didn’t call them. If you agree with such a case, you will be making a bad mistake. Respectful and committed contractors will never use such sales tactics to gain their client’s

  • Storm chasers. If you live in an area prone to frequent storms and hurricanes, you could see smiling and polite roofers who show up at your door after such a natural disaster. This is just another typical fraud. Many roofing service providers use those natural events to make money. They cover all houses within a certain area hit by a storm.

  • Fluctuating quotes. Some roofers may try to change their prices after a project is started. If you fail to sign a written contract well in advance, you will end up with a higher bill. Do not let this happen. Always ask about warranties and free estimates beforehand. Ask as many questions as needed and find out what the costs exactly are included in your project.

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