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Common Roofing Problems

Issues That Only a Roofing Company Can Solve

The roofing is arguably the most important feature of a structure. It provides solidity, shield occupants from the natural elements, and add to the curb appeal of a property. Like all structural components, roofs can also suffer from different types of damage. Here are common problems that you should fix the aid of a professional roofing company.

#1: Leaks

Even the most sturdy shingles can start leaking and cause different types of damage that can compromise the structural integrity of your property. Furthermore, leaking roofs tend to accumulate moisture which can lead to the formation of mold and mildew.

#2: Lifted Shingles

Strong winds and severe weather conditions can lift shingles but also, tiles and metal flashing. Have a roofing company nail down and reseal the compromised components to prevent future complications. The longer your roof remains lifted, the most serious issue you will have to face.

#3: Water Ponding

If your roofing has a divot that gathers water, then moisture could seep in over time and cause leaks in certain areas of your property. The most effective way to prevent water accumulation is keeping your gutters clean and free of blockages so they can lead rainwater away.

#4: Holes in the Roofing

Debris from high winds can create holes in your roofing that will compromise its integrity, cause leaks, and allow animals and pets access to your home or workplace. Call a roofing company to patch the damaged areas of your roof as soon as possible.

#5: Shrinking

When temperatures drop, your entire house will contract and shrink, your roofing included. If your roof hasn’t been prepared for this process, the shingles and tiles will most likely break and leave your property vulnerable to various problems.

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