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How to Find a Leak in Your Roof

A Local Roofing Contractor Offer Tips for Leaky Roofs

When you notice your roof is leaking, you need to have it repaired as soon as possible. Even over a short period of time, minor leaks can quickly lead to bigger ones, in addition to mold growth, frames rotting, insulation being eaten away and water damaged ceilings. For example, a flashing leak which resulted in an expensive local roofing contractor is still obvious from the ceiling stains. Had you dealt with it immediately, then the damage and subsequent repair bills would have been much less.

How to locate roof leaks
Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find where your roof is leaking from. To start, look uphill from the stain to see if there are any roof penetrations. Items which often penetrate a roof are usually the most common source of leaks. As a matter of fact, it is extremely rare for leaks to come from open areas of uninterrupted shingles, even on roofs which are older. Penetrations can range from dormers, chimneys, plumbing and roofing vents, basically, anything which projects through a roof. They can be several feet away from the leak.

Should you have access to your attic, then the easiest way to locate a leak is to go up there armed with a flashlight and physically look for any evidence. There is often water stains or even mold. However, when access is an issue, or you have vaulted ceilings, then you will have no recourse but to get onto your roof and closely examine it.

Tips on locating difficult leaks
When a leak is impossible to find, you will need to enlist some help to go up on your roof with a garden hose. Begin low, and soak the area around where the leak appears in your home. Isolate areas when you put the hose. For instance, soak the downside of the chimney. Have your helper remain in the house looking for any drips seeping through. Leave the hose to run for a few minutes in each area before moving on.

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