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Never Hire This Type of Roofing Contractor

Traits of a Bad Roofing Service Provider


Just like the walls and flooring, the roofing system is also the key to a well-functioning home. Once it gets damaged, hiring a roofing service provider is a must. Roof contractors are rampant nowadays and hiring one has been made easy and quick for us. Unfortunately, some are unprofessional and does not consider quality when providing their service. Before you hire one, here are the traits of an unreliable roofing professional that you should be aware of.


Not Properly Licensed

We are all aware that every company must be licensed by the state or the local authorities for them to run their business legally. But there are service providers who are offering their service without showing any proofs of business legitimacy. Hiring a roofing company that does not have any licenses or permits will put the safety of your establishment in question.


Door-To-Door Selling

One of the common business strategy used by service providers is the door-to-door selling. Once a salesman knows on your door and is offering you their cheapest service cost, you should be wary of his intention. A well-established roofing service provider will never do a door-to-door search for new customers. Instead, they acquire their clients through word of mouth and advertising.


Offers an Estimate Without Having an Inspection

Regardless of how experienced the roofing contractor is, a thorough inspection of the establishment should be done before giving the estimate. If it happens the other way around, then maybe you should find another roofing professionals. Note that a dependable roofer will perform an inspection by visiting the site itself and not through a phone conversation.


If you spot any of these traits in a roofing contractor, never sign their contract. When it comes to impeccable roofing service for establishments situated in Flower Mound, TX, Flower Mound Horizon Quality Roofing Inc is the company you can trust. To know how they provide their service, call (972) 204-5871.

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