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The Local Roofing Contractor for Your New Roof

Having a roof over your head not only provides you with a sense of security but also a safe haven for you and your family. Our roofing company can help you to choose a new roof that will be perfect for your home style and needs. Flower Mound Horizon Quality Roofing Inc has been in the roofing business in Flower Mound, TX since 1996 and has been improving its techniques along the way to ensure a high-quality installation procedure.

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Determining if a new roof is necessary

There are simple ways to tell if your roofing needs a little rehab or if it needs to be replaced entirely. As a local roofing contractor, we can help restore an existing roof if a totally new installation is not needed at the time. If you see the people in your neighborhood replacing your roof, you should probably do the same. You should examine your roof at least twice a year. Spring and fall seasons are ideal for checking for attic stains, mildew, missing or cracked shingles, broken tiles, curling shingles, leaking, or any weather damage.

Longevity of your roof

The lifespan of your roof is based on the type of material you choose as well as the money you put into it. Our roofing company will help determine the best option for you in terms of picking the type of roof installation you are looking for. A cheaper roof means a shorter lifespan because it is not as durable. Choosing a more durable and long-lasting roof will be more expensive but it will also require less maintenance and you won’t have to worry about it for years. A roof should last you on average between 20 and 50 years.

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If you are in the Flower Mound, TX area and are in need of a local roofing contractor, give Flower Mound Horizon Quality Roofing Inc a call now at (972) 204-5871 so we can schedule our professionals to draw up a free estimate for your roofing installation.