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Three Common Roof Designs You Can Choose From

Learn from an Experienced Residential Roofing Contractor

Protecting the people inside your establishment from extreme weather conditions is the main purpose of a durable and well-installed roof. But aside from that, the roofing in your house also plays a crucial role in the overall beauty and appearance of your property. That is why in addition to ensuring you have a durably and impeccably installed roof, it is a wise choice to ensure your new roofing design will look beautiful as well. As a reputable and experienced residential roofing contractor in the area, we want to share with you the three appealing roofing designs you can choose for your house:

Flat Roof

As its name implies, flat roofing offers a virtually level design. This roofing design is commonly used for industrial and commercial buildings. But it can be used for minimalist residential property as well. With a maximum pitch of about ten degrees, it has easily become a trend in homes which has a contemporary and modern architecture these days.

Hipped Roof

Have you remembered the American Foursquare? It has dominated the marketplace in the mid-1890s until the late 1930s. Well, that is what inspires these popular styles. A hipped roofing system is composed of sides that slopes upward. It has no vertical ends. The name hip comes from the area where each of the adjacent slopes meets. It’s best for areas with high winds because of its sturdy design.

Gable Roof

This new roof design can be customized to a myriad of styles. Mimic as the shape of an inverted V, gable roofs can improve your attic ventilation and can shed debris, snow, and water easily. It’s easier to install compared to other designs as well. That being said, you can probably save in labor costs. Always hire a reliable residential roofing contractor for quality results.

No matter what design you choose for your roofing project, be sure to hire an expert residential roofing contractor such as Flower Mound Horizon Quality Roofing Inc for a high-quality outcome. For people residing in Flower Mound, TX, we are the ones you should call for the job. To learn more about our offers, call us at (972) 204-5871!

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