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What Are the Pros and Cons of a Pitched Roof?

A Roofing Service Provider’s Tips on Pitched Roofs

A pitched roof is made of 2 angled pieces that meet in the middle and are fitted with gables at both ends. The pitch of a roof is usually the same on both sides; however, there are times where it is pitched using different angles. It is also possible to create a single pitched roof by using a flat segment placed at an angle. This technique is very common worldwide; speak to any child and ask them to draw a picture of a building, and they will probably draw a house that has a pitched roof.

The angle of a pitch can vary greatly, all depending upon how big the building is, and the size of each segment. In some places, people usually build roofs that have a deep pitch; this will mean snow is unable to settle upon the roof. However, in other regions, the pitch is more shallow, with the angle just sufficient to permit water to run off. In addition to climate worries, most homeowners are worried about the look and feel of their roof as the pitch can greatly alter the way a house looks.

Steep pitches also make more room beneath a roof, which is useful in buildings that have lofts or and attics, where the roof height limits head room. Shallow pitches have unusable space. In places that have restrictions on how many stories people can have in their home construction, pitched roofs can be created to evade restrictions while offering more room in the building.

There are numerous ways to support a roof which is pitched. Traditionally, such roofs used to come with heavy beams, which allowed open space beneath the roof. Modern pitched roofs are sometimes supported by trusses; these can be hidden behind a ceiling, which will create a flat ceiling in a house that has a pitched roof. If this is something you are interested in; speak to your local roofing service to see what can be done.

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