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What to Do Before Your Roofer Arrives

How to Prepare for a Roof Installation Project at Home

Enduring a worn-out rooftop is not a good idea. It will give you a dangerous and less appealing property. Now’s the moment for you to get a new one. After finding new materials and hiring a dependable roofer, it’s time to prepare your house for the project. It’s also essential that you know how to do this step.

How to do it like an expert:

Protect Things

First and foremost, you need to protect the items you have in the attic. Even though you don’t intend to use the old cabinet, bed frame, clothes, mirror, sofa, or antiques, it is still a wise decision to protect them from the dust and debris that will fall from above. You can use plastic sheeting and drop cloths. Transfer all the fragile belongings downstairs.

Remove Outdoor Items

Installing a new rooftop can be messy. It means you can expect old nails and parts to fall from the roof. You should remove potted flowers, hanging plants, garden decorations, bicycles, mats, and other things. Also, don’t overlook parking your vehicle somewhere else to avoid auto body cracks and dents. Do this before your roofer arrives to save time.

Tell Your Next-Door Neighbors

No one would want to face angry neighbors in the middle of the work process. To bypass any arguments and misunderstandings, you need to consider telling them about your project. It will help them prepare for the noise and mess. Plus, it will be a superb way to show them that you are a thoughtful neighbor.

Avoid Any Accidents

Do you have pets and children on your property? You need to keep them away from the worksite until the project is complete. They will become curious about the tools, equipment, and strangers walking on top of your house. To avoid mishaps and injuries, ask a friend to watch over them until the work is complete.

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